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Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kolathur was started in 1997 by Rev. Bro. Louis Vembliath, who was the Correspondent and headmaster of the Nirmala Hr. Sec. School, Kolathur, with minimum number of students on the roll, classes of KG to I, as beginners of our Journey. As the years passed it’s become an amazing story of success, achievement and most importantly, dreams realized.

Montfort School, Kolathur is giving education with a rich experience in molding young generations for past 22 years. Affiliated to State Board syllabus, the school aims at providing an all-round education right from the kindergarten level.

The school provides excellence education stressing on experiential learning and grooming young children to be responsible citizens and leaders with a difference.



The Golden words “In God we Trust” draws the attention of anyone who happens to gaze at our school emblem. It is a fine piece of art in itself and speaks volumes. The word “In God we Trust” occupies the center of the emblem and the entire focus is directed to these words which are powerfully packed with meaning, so rich and limitless in its understanding.

The two letters “D & S” with the cross in the middle stands for “Diew Seul” and is the watch word of our Patron St. Montfort. It means “God Alone”. For St. Montfort, God is the ultimate end of all our ‘being’ and all our ‘living’. Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. And this is achieved only as we pursue ‘Him’, the God who eludes our discoveries within the boundaries of our lessons. Beyond our physical, text books and examinations we have to discover GOD who ALONE will awaken and enlighten us. All our learning and knowledge will be folly without Him.

The cross in our emblem reminds us of the sufferings, struggle and difficulties we have to face in order to achieve success and perfection. The vicissitudes of life are opportunities to achieve, just as the self-sacrificing bees toil their searching ‘far and wide’ to sweeten the lives of others.

Also the lamp represents Christ our savior who is a lamp in our step and a light in our path – challenging every Montfortian to rise and sparkle – shining eternally with limitless energy to achieve and to accomplish, bringing light and life to our fellowmen living far and wide.

The Bible symbolizes the truth and loyalty.

There is much more in the emblem left to the discovery of each Montfortian.

School Song

I. Beneath our banner proudly waving
St. Montfort, children one and all
Together stand, with hearts united
Eager to answer the call.

II. Rise high, forever be our cry;
And high, our standard and fold,
Be brave, be true be calm and good.
Beneath the white and gold.

III. Children of India up and onwards,
To school, be loyal, and play the game,
In thy love and faith,
By thy presence every near
By thy presence every near.

IV. Beneath our banner proudly waving
St. Montfort children, one and all
Together stand with hearts united.
Eager to answer the call,
Eager to answer the call.

Theme of the Year

"Design your Destiny with Education..."

2022-2023 Theme of the year

As to emphasize the school spirit and to create excellence in the class room and the school environment, this year we have our school theme is "Design your Destiny with Education..." - is the theme chosen for the year 2022 - 2023.

"Be the Change, Inspire the Change, Implement the Change!"

2021-2022 Theme of the year

"Discover a New You... Be a Leader..." - is the theme chosen for the year 2021 - 2022.

The theme highlights to be courageous to face the fears, anxieties as we have gone through and dealt with struggles so far during this (COVID - 19)pandemic situation.

Now, it's the perfect time to motivate ourselves with a new beginning.. new thoughts.. new strength.. to conquer the challenges and change our life.

"Go the Extra Mile, To Achieve Your GOAL”

2019-2020 Theme of the year

"If you can Dream it, you can do it.”

2018-2019 Theme of the year
Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kolathur was started in 1997. Our School motto is "In God We Trust". Our aim is to provide an all-round education right from the KG level.
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